Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello Kindle Fire!

Timeout!  Let me stop for a moment since I want to introduce to you the new Amazon Kindle Fire. For only $199 with FREE Shipping... WOW.  Can this compete with iPad? Only time will tell.

What People Are Saying

The Fire gives me the features I want at a price point that's less than half of the iPad 2. I can check my email,
browse the Internet, maybe play a few games, most importantly, I can read magazines in color on a Kindle." - Gizmodo
At $199 the Fire is less than half the price of the Apple iPad, which starts at $499.
It is the first tablet from a major company to seriously undercut the iPad in price." - New York Times
Consumers will see the iPad and Kindle Fire side-by-side... and simply ask 'why does
the iPad cost at least $300 more?' They will look at the features - the comparable
amount of content, the Kindle's million e-books, streaming TV shows - and pick the Fire." - Extreme Tech
The Kindle Fire is the tablet you need at the price you'll be willing to pay." - Technology Review
Amazon’s Kindle Fire is likely to be the first successful tablet not sold by Apple, and there
are several good reasons for it: the low price of $199, the convenient, portable size of 7 inches,
and a rich catalog of books, movies and music offered through Amazon’s Web-based services." - Ars Technica
The Fire is the real deal and it’s going to disrupt the equilibrium of the existing market for media devices." - Chicago Sun Times
There’s a new mayor in Droidville. But this guy didn’t roll into town with pomp and circumstance.
He strolled down Main Street and simply offered more than any other candidate, extolling a plan
based on down-to-earth sensibility and affordability. Meet the Kindlile Fire." - Seeking Alpha
Click on the the picture for more information. 
What do you guys think?  iPad Killer?  Post comments as I want to hear from you


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